School Principal Message

1)      Start the academic year with zeal and enthusiasms. If you don’t know what text books they are having this year, you should. If you get excited about learning they will too. Find out what is on their reading lists for subjects, references and engage your child in conversations about the study material he/she is studying at the dinner table in English or in mother tongue correctly.
2)      Prepare for standardized tests. Make sure that you review your child’s testing schedule with him /her and with the school teachers from the beginning of the year. Remind your child to sign up for the appropriate tests well in advance.
3)      Foster a good relationship with the school teachers. Encourage your child showing notes to the subject teacher for correction and the guidance. As a parent you should introduce yourself to the subject teachers too. Let her/ him get to know your child.
4)      Nurture their relationships with their teachers. Ask your child how these relationships are going. Encourage your child to ask questions outside the classroom. Encourage your child to participate in the classroom and Vidyalaya activities and to go above and beyond the assignments.
5)      Begin your school visits. Once you meet your child’s teacher, you can get an idea of where he is in study. Prepare a chart of school calendar and holidays, any vacation during calendar year and plan accordingly for social activity.
6)      Buy some reference books. If you leave books lying around in the house, your children will go through the books and share their findings with friends. Be open to his/her ideas and opinions.
7)      Remind your child to keep up his academic work. Foster lively discussions about the course and home/ class works at home. Engage your child with the study, game, fine art, music and other co-curricular activities. Seeking advice for your ward from the teachers and Principal is good for future.
8)      Please inculcate the moral, social, ethical, nation and international human values and dignity of rights and duties.